WWE Stars UNHAPPY?! Want To LEAVE For AEW? | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

WWE Stars UNHAPPY?! Want To LEAVE For AEW? | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHA
NEWS, I am Luke Owen. Happy Wrestle Kingdom day! I’ve had to take a quick break from
watching the show so I can come and record this news episode, but by golly that Ishii/Sabre
Jr match was pretty great wasn’t it? We’ll have two reviews going up later on today,
so click subscribe and enable notifications for ALL [with video] to keep up to date with
all our goings on. Coming up on our packed news today, we’ve got an outpouring of support
for Toni Storm, an All In star signing with AEW, and other WWE stars reportedly unhappy
with the company. But first… Everyone in this world is known to make a
mistake here and there. Even someone as impressive as me can make an error every now and again,
remember that Andrade “Cien” Almas guff I made in that Smackdown review last year?
But thanks to one of our awesome Pledge Hammers Chris Jenkins, we’ve now got hammers we
can use that he says are powerful enough to turn negative errors into positive successes.
These are so cool, by the way. Check out yesterday’s NXT WrestleRamble to see us unbox them. And maybe we should lend these hammers of
success to Asuka, who made a slight slip up at a recent house show event in Tampa. This
video which was shared by @DivaInsider – hey, they’re not called Divas anymore, guy – which
sees Smackdown Women’s Champion Asuka attempt a poetry in motion off Charlotte’s back
onto Becky Lynch and slips – and then attempt and fail to kip up her way out of it to save
face. See, even the best can make mistakes. Someone who doesn’t need to be turning any
negatives around at the moment is Becky Lynch, who seemingly can’t do any wrong. Just when
you think someone is safe to post on Twitter, The Man is lurking like Lars Sullivan to dive
in and make you look like a total fool. Our latest victim is Raw and Smackdown commentator
Corey Graves, who for some reason responded to fan who suggested that he should start
a romantic storyline with Becky Lynch. O….kay. But when Graves responded by that Lynch could
really use that in her life, The Man replied, “Of all the things I could “use” in
my life right now, a romance with a middle-aged emo poured into skinny jeans isn’t one of
them. Maybe you should wait till Monday to reply, you know, when you’ll have help with
what to say.” But sadly we need to segue into a more serious
story. This is again one of those real-life stories that affects real people, and we ask
that you be friendly in the comments. And for the love of Krull, please don’t victim
blame. Apparently a few days ago several private
and personal nude pictures that had been hacked and stolen from NXT UK star Toni Storm’s
phone were released online. Those images were then shared around the Internet, with so-called
fans tagging Storm in their comments. As a result, the Mae Young Classic 2 winner has
deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts due to online harassment. If you were walking around Twitter yesterday
you will have seen an outpouring of support for Storm with the hashtag #WeSupportToniStorm
– from fans and wrestlers alike including Will Ospreay], Jordynne Grace, Mauro Rannalo,
Brian Zane, Bea Priestley, Renee Young, Lilian Garcia and more – as well as former Smackdown
General Manager Paige who herself was a victim of hackers stealing and leaking her private
data. Paige tweeted, “from someone that has experienced the same thing I strongly
support you girl. It’s gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don’t
understand. But you’re a strong, talented woman. You’ll get through this. Your future
is too bright to be dimmed.” Someone who wasn’t behind the #WeSupportToniStorm
movement was her real-life boyfriend Chris Ridgeway who posted in a since deleted tweet,
“Leave it alone. She wants peace. Let her have peace. Have some respect.” Even wrestling promotions are getting behind
Storm, with wXw sharing their support and Defiant banning someone from their show tomorrow
for posting about the images tweeting: “you probably won’t see this given you’ve since
deleted your account…But you’re not welcome on Saturday. We have cancelled your 2 tickets.
You can explain to your friend why they no longer have one.” It goes without saying, but we here at WrestleTalk
also support Toni Storm and condemn the complete dicks who stole and shared these private images. On much lighter news, that was your Impact
Wrestling Slam of the Week, with Willie Mack pinning Dave Crist after a top rope Stunner.
Yeah, not a cutter but a Stunner. He’s very impressive. And while New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 13
is happening while I’m recording this video – and I really want to get back to watching
it – Impact Wrestling will be holding their first show of 2019 this Sunday with Homecoming
which has a staked card including Johnny Impact defending his World Championship against Brian
Cage, The Lucha Brothers challenging LAX for their tag team championships, Taya Valkyrie
and Tessa Blanchard clashing again over the Women’s Championship, Eli Drake taking on
Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match, Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan, Moose vs. Eddie Edwards,
Allie & Su Yung vs. Keira Hogan & Jordynne Grace and an Ultimate X Match to crown a new
X Division Champion featuring Rich Swann, Jake Crist, Ethan Page, and Trey Miguel. And while there will be surprises, one of
them likely won’t be the original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver, better known IRL as Jason
David Frank. Back in the 90s, few shows captivated kids
like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, myself included – and in particular the epic multi-episode
Green With Evil story where our teenagers with attitude had to take on The Green Ranger.
Eventually Tommy Oliver would join the team and become the heroic White Ranger, and the
guy who played him Jason David Frank has stayed involved with the franchise to this day making
cameo appearances, and even appeared in the recent big screen reboot alongside original
Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson. Who was my first celebrity crush. Frank isn’t just an actor, though, as he
is also an accomplished martial artist and has even tried his hand at MMA in ameatur
fights – recently trying to arrange an MMA fight with UFC star and former WWE Champion
CM Punk. But now Frank looks to be trying his hand at pro wrestling, appearing at a
Texas Laredo Wrestling Alliance show to announce he’ll be having a match in the company at
some point. You know if all goes well for Jason David
Frank, and Stephen Amell steps into the ring again for Double or Nothing, we could have
a match between the Green Ranger and Green Arrow. Maybe Ryan Reynolds can be the guest
referee as Green Lantern. And Seth Rogen can be the time keeper as Green Hornet. Maybe
Rachel Green can do commentary. Maybe WWE could bring Frank in to boost the
ratings for their shows, which took another hit this week due to New Years. Smackdown
Live did manage to top 2 million viewers to beat Raw again this week, but is still down
20% on their viewership for the same week last year. In 2017 Smackdown Live averaged
2.5 million viewers, which dropped to an average of 2.3 million in 2018. Raw comparatively
only lost 6% of its audience, dropping from an average of 3 million viewers in 2017 to
an average of 2.8 million in 2018. But what you did think of this week’s Smackdown Live?
I scored the show SmackTastic based on the Becky Lynch and John Cena segment and fun
five-way main event, and 75% of you agreed with 14% thinking it was Smack Bang in the
Middle. But while you were all seemingly happy with
Smackdown, a new report suggests that there are a few popular stars who aren’t. Late last year when All Elite Wrestling was
just a rumour based on some trademarks that had been filled, there were several reports
floating around that Cody and The Young Bucks were putting feelers out to several contracted
WWE stars about joining their new venture. We here at WrestleTalk reported that two contracted
stars have already agreed to join in principle, but there are reportedly other names who could
make the jump. Tye Dillinger, Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler have all tweeted back and forth
with Cody Rhodes leading to speculation they could be on the list of names, and there are
rumours that AEW could also be signing Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and former Universal Champion
Goldberg. And according to Ryan Satin, there are even
more names than have previously been reported, posting on Twitter: “I also know of some
popular WWE wrestlers watching what happens with All Elite Wrestling very closely, as
they’re unhappy creatively and looking for a change of scenery.” Which will certainly make the Double or Nothing
rally in Jacksonville just down the road from Smackdown Live next week even more interesting.
Perhaps someone in the Smackdown locker room will be looking to pull a Jimmy Jacobs. Someone who is officially joining All Elite
Wrestling according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, however, is All In star Britt Baker
– making her the first non-Elite wrestler to join the promotion. Baker was part of the
All In women’s four way match that involved Chelsea Green, Madison Rayne and Tessa Blanchard,
and has also competed for the likes of Ring of Honor, SHIMMER and NXT. And before we get out of here I just wanted
to let you know that if you’re one of our awesome Pledge Hammers over on Patreon, you
can vote in the poll for our next episode of WrestleRamble Extra – where Oli and I review
classic PPVs from wrestling’s past. This month’s choices include Royal Rumble 1992,
1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2005, as well as Wrestle Kingdom 9 and 11, New Year’s
Revolution 2006 and more. Head on over to Patreon.com/wrestletalk to get involved. Find out more about Goldberg possibly signing
with All Elite Wrestling in Oli Davis’ Super News by clicking the video on screen right
now. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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100 Replies to “WWE Stars UNHAPPY?! Want To LEAVE For AEW? | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019”

  1. Becky who ? Is this a joke ? I watch Men's Wrestling and so do the vast majority (the millions of former viewers). The numbers do not lie, ever since WWE's manufacturered Women's Revolution started the ratings have gone into the tiolet, again the numbers do not lie. Look at the ratings for the Mixed Match Challenge, terrible. Give the Women their own show and watch it fail big. WWE is total garbage. Where is the change ? John Cena ? The Rock at Wrestlemania ? More part timers is change ? The product is even worse now. Vince is listening to who ? The fans want out of touch 73 year old Vince and his terrible storylines and booking gone, but instead he is back on TV with the rest of his family, cringe. Seriously why would anyone want to wrestle in WWE ? WWE is doomed with AEW coming backed by their 6 billion dollar owner and genius of Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

  2. Funniest moment of 2019 for me would far: " Hi my name is John Cena,and you may know me from being John Cena"😂😂😂

  3. Nobody would have been able to steal the images from her phone if she didnt put them on her phone in the first place. Why feel sorry for her when its her fault.

  4. Who should AEW go after….. not a wrestler but a man that knows the industry inside out, need not go back onscreen but guide them as they start their journey…. Jim Cornette

  5. I rassled a footlong turkey sub and "gobbled" it down. I was "stuffed" and my yams were bulging, but it all came out like "gravy"!

  6. Toni storm the dark destroyer had your information sent out you're not the only one females of wrestling will be humiliated some more until Bobby Lashley becomes the universal champion

  7. I don’t get it, she took a vid of herself on her phone. It was her choice to make herself be a potential victim of hackers. Just don’t do that stuff, very simple. It sucks that people are going to be dicks to her but she put herself
    In the situation. Hope everyone men and women learn from this. Time to grow up and leave it off your phone.

  8. You know what? The best way to not have someone steal your nude pics is not to have them on a device connected to the internet. Or you could even have some class, dignity and self respect to not take them at all.

  9. Fuck TNA. I wanna see some of those guys like Jonny, Mack, Lucha Brothers in NJPW or better yet going to AEW. I can only hope.

  10. Willie Mack is going to compress the crap out of his spine and not be the same! Looked great but not worth it on a personal health level.

  11. Hope some jump ship to AEW simply because WWE has the many elite wrestlers, and they seem underutilized to the public eye.

    WWE actually needs some not has good talent

  12. Zack Ryder is like 32. Has a great look, solid in the ring and knows how to get over. Also his girlfriend just signed with NXT. He is not going anywhere infact neither is Marty and Kenny even Ibusbi. I'd say Marty will party in NXT and the Golden Lovers will show up on Smackdown or Raw the night after Wrestlemania if not the Royal Rumble.

    If people will sign I'd say it would be release worthy guys or guys who can afford to take the jump and have potential I'm taking

    Mike and Maria Kanellis
    Tye Dillinger
    Dana Brooke

    But quite potentially yes

    The Good Brothers, Styles, Finn and Nakamura could swerve and sign but to be honest. With all this being said and done I think wwe need to spring clean their roster. They could easily drop 20 stars and replace them in my books

    Aiden English
    Curt Hawkins
    Curtis Axel
    Mojo Rawley
    Alicia Fox
    Dana Brooke
    Tye Dillinger
    Heath Slater
    Big Show
    Sin Cara
    Alexander Wolfe and replace him with Jaxson Ryker

    Like then you have room for Black, Ciampa, Gargano, Sullivan, EC3, Undisputed Era, Velveteen, Riddle, Lee and whatever 205 Luve star or indie star you wanna sign to bump up the roster like Omega and Ibushi

    Plus Hardy and Mysterio are bound to go part time or even retire if your jeff as well with sheamus and orton soon

    So they can handle this very easily if they are wwe just fix the roster and create direction and boom Tuesday Night Wars with AEW hopefully

  13. I am not for hacking peoples accounts or anything like that but really, I just do not feel sorry for Toni or anyone that has nudes taken and stored, most of all on their phone. It has happened so many times in the past that really, how can you think it is safe? It SHOULD be safe of course but we all know there are morons out there that do things they shouldn't, like hack phones and steal private photos. So knowing this people exist, and that hacking, sharing stolen photos is a REAL thing, why put yourself in a position to have it happen to you? Yes, I know people are going to give me backlash for this but it does not make this coming statement any less false nor it is victim blaming. But Toni HAS to take her part of the responsibility of this by having them in the first place. Not that it excuses the idiot that hacked and shared them but no one could had they not been there and yes, it goes back to the whole " It is "insert person name here" 's phone and he/she should have full privacy of it's contents." True but again, we all know this has happened to many people in the past, Paige for example comes to mind, to just ignore and to think "It will never happen to me". So yeah, it sucks but come on people, learn the lesion. As much as we should have the right of complete privacy to what is on our phone, we know we don't so do not act surprised if what you're hiding on it is reveled. It shouldn't be true but until they can make a protection that is un-hackable, it will always be a chancey thing to do.

  14. Why doesn't somebody just hire people from college & the olympics & let them go out & ACTUALLY wrestle & see what happens. THAT would be something new & exciting…

  15. I don't think the Toni Storm thing should of been on the news just leave it people with the support shit is just letting thousands of people know about it

  16. Seeings as how AEWs owner has deeper pockets than Vince McMahon and what Cody and the crew managed to do with The All In event, it's pretty clear AEW has potential.

  17. Maybe Vince should release certain wrestlers so they can thrive on AEW to then job them out..Wwe,Impact&Indys pretty much suck nowadays so whatever.Btw,Nice nipples Tori Storm.lol.Google it

  18. AEW hasn't announced a tv deal. Until that happens they can sign all the talent they want. You can't get anywhere without airing your product though.
    I'm sure they have a plan. It be interesting to see what it is.

  19. "Don't victim blame" don't be a dumbass, dude. She shouldn't have been dumb enough to take inappropriate pictures of herself, end of story.

  20. Jeff hardy failed before with the poetry in motion move. And fell with whisper in the wind move. That means Jeff is botch mania too?

  21. No one is gonna leave wwe for a house show looking wrestling company. No one wants to see a damn super kick party id rather see pancakes fly through the air

  22. Gonna unsubscribe to this channel. Its not because this channel sucks . i actually love this channel its just i dont watch wwe anymore because wwe sucks ass now.

  23. Toni Storm gotta be more smart. What are people doing with naked pics on a phone….lol. No one has learned since the Kardashians. And these people saying leave her alone please it's her fault. The pics should not be stolen but don't be a dummy and take naked pics on a phone.

  24. While I think the morons who hack these phones should be in prison, this isn't news that it's happening. ANYONE stupid enough to use a cell phone to take nude or half-nude pics deserves this. After what 4 or 5 years since Jennifer Lawrence, along with a bunch of others, had their phones hacked and shared, you would think they would learn by now. Moral of the story, USE A REAL CAMERA to take pics. As for WWE wrestlers leaving the company, they will get an initial push to show the company wants to use them, but then they realize why they weren't being used and dump them in mid-card heaven. Now I don't like that the WWE keeps these guys/women down, not letting them show their real selves in the ring, Cody, not everyone is Cody. Most of these hacks are just that, they can play a rough character but when they try and show the real them, they fall flat on their faces because without a script they are babbling pancakes.

  25. That Joe Schmoe that suggested that Corey Graves should have a romance angle with The Man should stop smoking lala out of his ass! Seems to me like he got a man crush on that middle-aged emo individual. Disgusting!!

  26. Re the Toni storm situation I get make hay while the sun shines and that but if nobody from Titan towers commented I don’t think this would even be news worthy. I suppose all publicity is good publicity right?

  27. none of them are gonna leave. not trying to be a dick or a troll. just saying just because a new promotion is popping up, it doesn't mean they'll be used as maineventers. ever heard the phrase "the grass isn't always greener on the other side"

  28. But how do we know that she didn't do it and then blame hackers so she gets publicity but not get in trouble for what she did?

  29. if you dont want nudes been leaked dont fking take them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally if you are famous and hyper hot you are asking for you phone been hacked just saying

  30. Why do people act like raw and smack down are 2 completely different companies? They're just 2 shows of WWE. Why in the fuck are people saying that raw sucks, raw sucks, and never saying WWE sucks? It blows my fucking mind.

  31. You pompous virtuous sheeple marks, as if Toni Storm doesn't want her baps thrown about for publicity. No one gives a fuck apart from the brainwashed easily led bell ends that believe everything their TV preaches to them. MUGS.

  32. Who the fuck cares about Tye Dillinger, Zach Ryder or Dolph Ziggler? That's like boasting that you hired the J.O.B. Squad, way to go. Chris Jericho…he's a decent talent but vastly overrated…Jim Ross, who cares? Goldberg? LOL Pockets aren't deep enough for that one.

  33. You know, if you didn't take videos/pictures of yourself in "compromising positions" with your phone, you wouldn't have to worry about people hacking and stealing them.

  34. I’m starting to find a new reason to watch wrestling cause these Divas are positive in the streets an nasty in the sheets.. 😍


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