WWE Women’s Match Confirmed For Saudi Arabia? NXT Star WALKS OUT! | WrestleTalk News

WWE Women’s Match Confirmed For Saudi Arabia? NXT Star WALKS OUT! | WrestleTalk News

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News and STACKED Review. I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. To start the episode today, let’s get into
a recap of last night’s WWE SmackDown, in about 5 minutes. The show opened with a video package highlighting
that Goldberg is coming back tonight. Who’s next and all that goodness. Can’t wait to
see his entrance. Miz & Morrison kicked off the actual show
with a pre-made parody video of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, on the return of the
Dirt Sheet. This was really well made, and you can see the passion behind the project.
It was great. Though it didn’t exactly make me more excited for their tag team championship
match at Super Showdown. But also MizDad was there! The New Day came out afterwards to interrupt,
before The Usos also joined the party. This also brought out Roode & Ziggler, which allowed
Miz & Morrison to beat up New Day a bit. After an ad break, it’s The Usos vs Roode & Ziggler.
After a fun competitive match, The Usos pick up the win, which seems to indicate that Miz
& Morrison will be picking up the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Super Showdown,
and The Usos will be their first challengers, which makes sense and is a fresh matchup.
Alexa Bliss tells Nikki Cross she’s going to win the women’s Fatal 4 Way main event
to become the number one contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship, before there’s
a recap of Corbin being covered in dog food. Corbin doesn’t like this however, and throws
the video production guy down the stairs for daring to play it. Elias is in the ring next doing a song, before
he gets interrupted by Sami Zayn and Cesaro. Cesaro and Elias have a decently competitive
match, which Elias wins with an elbow drop. I’m not sure where this feud is going. Finally, they reveal Goldberg is coming up
next, and they show him… getting mic’d up at home. For a via satellite interview.
That is horrifically misleading, and I can bet the San Jose crowd were pissed that they
didn’t get to see Goldberg live, especially with how heavily it was being advertised. But it’s not actually Goldberg next, because
King Corbin comes out instead. He complains some more about Roman Reigns, because apparently
this feud is still going on despite it finishing at The Royal Rumble and last week, and he
says he wants one more match with Roman, and then pours a drink on a fan, boooo. This brings out Roman who beats up Corbin
a little bit, and then says he’ll give him one more match, but it’ll be inside a Steel
Cage. Which is what it should have been at Royal Rumble. Can this please, please, please
be the end of this feud. Now it’s finally time for Goldberg, live…via
satellite , and he says he watched The Royal Rumble and it gave him the itch. Brock is
all tied up with Ricochet and Drew McIntyre coming for the WWE Championship, but what
about the Universal Championship. He then promptly gets interrupted by a Firefly
Funhouse, and Wyatt accepts the match on behalf of The Fiend. Goldberg says he’s not intimidated
by any of the mindgames, and says You’re Next and then walks off. Wyatt says Let Me
In and the segment ends. Goldberg vs The Fiend at Super Showdown. I don’t know how to feel
about it. I feel like it could be a good match if they book it right. But it has to last
about a minute. And Fiend has to win, obviously. All of Wyatt’s feuds as The Fiend have been
rooted in history and lore of the Wyatt character, but this Goldberg match sticks out like a
sore thumb. They’ve never interacted before, and this match is completely thrown together
for the Saudi show like it always is for Saudi shows. I just hope this doesn’t derail The
Fiend at all. Daniel Bryan is backstage, before Heath Slater
comes up to him and tells him he was stupid for doing a strap match against The Fiend,
but in a nice, I just wanted to check up on you, kind of way. Bryan requests a match with
Slater right then and there, and Slater seemed a little confused. They had that match next, and Bryan went full
aggression mode, which was amazing to see. The crowd at the start were fully into Bryan
and the yes chants, and as the match progressed, Bryan got more and more aggressive, hitting
the running knee, but not ending the match, instead stomping on Slater’s face more and
more. The cheers subsided, and the crowd were really not sure whether to cheer or boo Bryan.
This wasn’t a heel turn, but it was amazing character development for Bryan. Has The Fiend
changed him…again? There’s a quick recap of Braun winning the
Intercontinental Championship next, before he’s interviewed by Renee Young. Shinsuke
Nakamura and Sami Zayn interrupt, and they demand a rematch for the IC title. Rematch
clauses aren’t a thing. Unless they’re a thing. Braun says he’ll fight for the
title, any place, any time, and Nakamura and Zayn say they will have a rematch, just not
tonight. Zayn goes on to say he’ll use all their resources, which brings out The Revival
to attack Braun from behind. The segment ends with Nakamura standing tall over Strowman
after delivering a Kinshasa. Otis has a date with Mandy Rose next week,
so we see him getting ready for it in a montage video. This was good and funny at times, but
it could have been so much better. Sheamus kicked Apollo Crews’ head off next,
before then kicking Shorty G’s head off, who came out to save Crews. Is this feud still
going on? Why? And in the main event, it was a Fatal Four
Way between Naomi, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke for the number one contendership
to Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. Naomi is the only one of the four that got
an entrance, and she had a face to face with Bayley last week, so it’s pretty obvious
that she’ll be the one to win, right? Well after a decent match, Naomi looked to
have the match won after countering a Twisted Bliss into a Rear View, before Carmella came
out of nowhere to hit two superkicks on Naomi for the win. Bayley immediately rushes into
the ring and delivers a headlock driver thing, which leads to Carmella looking mildly put
out, rather than selling being in pain. I’ve seen a lot of people online be very
confused by Carmella winning, and I am too, but in all honesty, I don’t mind it. They’re
still building Naomi for something, she was super dominant in this match, so they’re
most likely saving her for Elimination Chamber or maybe even WrestleMania. They didn’t mention it on the show, but
in other press releases, it’s been stated that Bayley vs Carmella will take place in
Saudi Arabia at Super Showdown, which will be the second women’s match there after
Natalya vs Lacey Evans last year. Perhaps this is why Naomi didn’t win, as she doesn’t
want to go to Saudi or something like that. I wouldn’t read too much into her losing,
it was a cheap victory for Carmella, and Naomi’s momentum hasn’t been derailed from this
at all. And that was the show. Press the i above my
head to let me know what you thought of the show where you can choose from Smacknificent,
Smacktastic, Smack Bang In The Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in the Face. It was nice that
Corbin & Reigns didn’t open or close the show, so that’s nice, but seriously, why
is their feud still going on? It’s already ended twice. To advertise Goldberg and not
have him appear in person is an absolute farce, and I don’t really know how to feel about
him just being thrown together with The Fiend. Everything else on the show was fine, but
I’ve been saying for weeks that it just feels like the same show time and time again.
A lot of these feuds just need to move on and keep the wrestlers away from each other.
Until then, SmackDown will continue to be boring and stale. Which is such a slap in
the face when they’re doing such amazing stories over on Raw. You know you can do it
WWE, you’re just choosing not to. This SmackDown gets a SmackDowner. And now over to me for the news. While NXT is
by popular opinion WWE’s best brand in terms of in-ring action, it doesn’t mean that
things outside of the ring are always so rosey. The sheer amount of people signed to the “developmental
brand” means that unless you’re one of the top 20/25 stars, you may struggle to get
a decent amount of screen time. Just in the last week they’ve signed Killer Kross and
Timothy Thatcher, who you would expect to see battling away in the upper midcard or
main event pretty soon. So does that mean someone else has to miss out? On the women’s side of things, you’ve
got a pretty fixed and stacked main event and midcard scene, and now and then you’ll
see a different face like Kacy Catanzaro, or Kayden Carter. One of these faces is Brazilian
Taynara, former Taynara Conti before WWE’s name police imprisoned her surname. Taynara
is a black-belt in judo and a blue belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, so she had plenty of fighting
pedigree when she was signed to NXT in 2016. Despite appearances in the Mae Young Classic
and becoming the first ever Brazilian to compete at WrestleMania in the WrestleMania Women’s
Battle Royal in 2018, Taynara has done very little else, which is a shame because she
has shown real glimpses of potential. Unfortunately for fans of hers, it appears
her time in NXT could be over as Fightful reported last night that Taynara had “walked
out” of NXT over what is thought to be a contract dispute. “We’re told in the middle of January,
Conti had a disagreement with WWE, and “walked out.” Most at the WWE Performance Center
we’ve spoken to believe it’s financially motivated, but we’ve not confirmed that.
It was noted that her locker was cleared out, however.”
This would be a huge shame for Taynara and for NXT, because there’s no reason she couldn’t
have made it as a regular on Wednesday nights. There has been nothing official from WWE and
as far as we can see Taynara hasn’t made any comments on social media, so for now at
least it appears she is still with the company, but if she’s refusing to show up to work
this may not be the case for much longer. If the issue was financial, and given how
much cash Vince is throwing at literally everyone who’s ever stepped into a WWE owned building,
you’d think that perhaps stars are trying to negotiate their way into much bigger contracts.
Little tip, halfway through your contract meeting, just go *cough* AEW *cough*, and
you’ll probably get what you want. I’d like to get serious for a minute while
we remember those names we have lost in the last few years. No longer is he Antonio Cesaro, no longer
is he Alexander Rusev. What happened to Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight? Where did Ali’s
Mustafa go? And why did it come back? Rest in peace, Conti, formerly of Taynara. Adios,
Crews of Apollo, which then came back a couple of weeks later. “Cien” Almas is no more,
leaving Andrade alone. And now… I’m afraid I have to report the latest superstar
name death, which has occurred on Raw. Following his heel turn, Vince McMahon clearly decided
being called Buddy was too much of a babyface move, so the Raw tag champions are now Seth
Rollins, and Murphy. When Murphy got called up to the main roster
there was speculation this would happen, along with Aleister Black being just called Aleister
or something. And now it appears it’s finally happened. Though with Vince’s track record,
it might be back in a couple of weeks when he changes his mind. Having said that, I would like to announce
that I will now be known simply as Quinnell, and all my colleagues, Davis, Owen, Blake,
Longden, Blampied and Datson are fully supportive of my decision. Rest in Pete. Are WWE selling WrestleMania 36? Press the
video to the right to find out more, and the video below that to find out more about Vince
McMahon wanting Chris Jericho back in WWE! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on
Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now. I’ve been Chopper Not-Pete
Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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